Did you lose your safe key, forget the combination or lose the code?


f you find yourself in any of these unfortunate positions you don’t need to worry, your best local company Bay Area Locksmith have got you covered.

Don’t hesitate to call us immediately and you won’t have to worry about bringing your safe to us as our mobile locksmith can come to your door right away. Our certified locksmith can open all types of safes such as digital, combination and key lock safes and they will offer you a range of options to solve your problem as fast and professionally as possible.
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We can open combination safe in case you forgot your combination without knowing the combination as well as we also do key-less unlocking. If the keys are locked inside or you have lost the keys, don’t worry we can open your safe. Not only that we also provide our services if the safe key is stuck or snapped in the lock. We also repair if the lock on the safe is broken, damaged, or faulty.

Types of Safes our locksmith can open:

  • Combination Locks
  • Digital Keypads
  • Traditional key-operated safes
  • Key Safes and boxes
  • Floor and Fireproof Safes
  • Hidden Wall Safes
  • Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Key and Gun Cabinets

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Bay Area Locksmith is one of the leading locksmith company that offers a range of inclusive safe unlock services 24/7. Not only that our technicians can open up any safe available on the market, from vintage older safes to newer electronic models. We will use every tool and method at our disposal to open your sealed safe without destructing its valued subjects, and we will only use perilous techniques as a last option. We will do all in our power to recover your valuables securely.

Reliability and Safety Assured

We are a locally owned and operated company that takes great pleasure in our dependability, steadiness, and craftsmanship. We can appreciate how stressful it might be to have your priceless or unique goods locked away in a sealed safe. Our locksmiths are extremely skilled and knowledgeable about a variety of tools, so they can rapidly access your safes.

Always expect us to complete the work at a fair fee.

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Can you pick a safe lock? Or perhaps you are unable to open your safe because you have forgotten the combination or misplaced the keys. There is always a danger that you could find yourself isolated from the things you are attempting to safeguard. You could misplace your keys, forget your code, or harm the safe’s mechanism.

You might have just purchased a second-hand safe with an unknown combination, these are the reasons that end you up calling the safe locksmith.
Damage from meddling, forgotten combinations, bolts that won’t throw, and stuck safe doors are all difficulties that might arise with your safe,
your best local company located at 5059 Gloucester Ct , San Jose , CA , 95136 got your back as we offer services for fixing all these.

What are the different types of Safes?

For a comprehensive understanding of what you’re getting into, you must research your product before making a purchase. To assist you, we’ve listed a few safe types below.

Floor safe

In fact, this kind can be fastened to a concrete floor. Because of this, they are particularly difficult to remove in the event of a lockout, necessitating the use of force by the locksmith to unlock it. The only drawback to fastening it to the floor is that because of how it is mounted, it may eventually succumb to rust.

Fire Safe

In the event of a house fire, the fire-resistant characteristic of fire safes can help you secure your valuable papers. Since they don’t have a strong security mechanism, they are easy to open and won’t sustain any damage. They are advantageous if you have a limited budget.

Digital Safe

Digital safes have a more narrowly defined function; if you want to securely save and defend valuable digital items like CDs, DVDs, tapes, etc., then this one is the best option. High-level protection from magnetic fields and electrostatic interference is provided by the digital safe; as a result, your data is more secure and you don’t even need to worry about having it deleted. These are great for corporate applications, especially for organizations that need to safeguard their documents. Due to its high level of security, unlocking it in the event of a lockout could be a laborious process but would completely be damage-free.

Gun Safe

To keep your firearms out of your children’s reach, a gun safe is crucial. Residential settings are often where these safes are used. You need not worry about the extremely secure locking mechanisms if your primary objective is to keep your guns secure. In the event of a lockout, they can only be opened quickly if you choose a model without a reliable locking mechanism. Talk to your locksmith about a better model that has both of these features if you have a valuable collection that you need to safeguard from both fire and theft.

Combination Dial Safe

In order to align a series of wheels with a gap cut into them and allow a lever attachment to drop into it and operate the lock, a mechanical dial safe must be rotated. If five or more wrong codes are entered consecutively, the penalty lockout feature will shut down the lock-down for ten minutes, which would be a big problem. Therefore, if you find yourself locked out, call a locksmith service in your area right away.

How to choose the best type of safe for your need?

An easy way to decide how large a face you need for your needs is simply by piling up everything you plan to put in it and measure. Most home safes are intended to protect their subjects from fire, theft or water.

We hope after getting to know all these features you would be able to select a right safe for yourself. If you find yourself in a safe lockout, do call us at (650) 825-5252 we would be pleased to help you.

Why Choose Us ?

Why are safes important?

Safes are crucial for safeguarding and keeping our most priceless possessions, such as photographs and other legal documents. They shield our priceless possessions from virtually every potential source of damage, including fire, flood, and more than just simple theft or nosy eyes.Modern safe builders have been able to improve the protection control of safes while reducing their size and cost thanks to new forms of machinery. This has resulted in a boom in safe ownership rather than an increase in the demand for safe opening services.

Why should I avail the best Safe Locksmith services near me?

Call us at (650) 825-5252 our expert technicians are fully skilled to deal with general safe service, safe combination changes, and we can also help you in the case of a safe lockout. We won’t compromise the safety of your contents under any circumstances. On the other hand, there can be some cases where the safe locksmith might have to cut into the safe or use other powerful techniques to attempt to gain entry.